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and the credit to this all goes to xolunchbox

Viral marketing?

-So first the Decaydance website is hacked by Citizens for Our Betterment (CFOB) The site was registered on August 7th, 2008 and has 59994 posts (close to 60000)

-Then there's this thread on APnet

-The post on the CFOB website is from Sudjam who apparently is a company that does viral marketing stuff.

-Then look what's in Ashlee's hand.

-Jason Tate herd that the new Fall Out Boy album will be out around election day

-There's this MySpace for a band called Coyotes which was linked to from CFOB MySpace and they have pictures from A&K in their profile.

-(from a boardie post on FOBR) "...Cash's bass said citizens for our betterment tonight on it." and apparently Brendon's guitar also had it.

-There's also this comment that mentions the 60XXX thing and apparently the domain is hosted by the username: oneandone.

-According to the post counter somethings going to happen in 7 days, and Pete DID say something would happen in the middle of August.

-In the new FOBR journal he says
ladies and gentlemen.
the only information you can totally appreciate coming from or about fall out boy is this website.
please keep that in mind.
we are plodding along.

But then all this doesn't explain all of Pete's recent Blogspot entries. In the most recent one he lists the definition for the word fail and says 'its almost time to stick a fork in this bird'.

and what's with all the 'iamcomingforyou' things?

 in that video thanking us for nominating them for "best rock video"
they sign it "see you soon. fa(i)l out boy."


Pete posted this blog on July 25th

like this movie needs any other reason to be brilliant. the company that did the marketing campaign is fucking amazing. they sent me a box (return address gotham city national bank) it contained a money bag, a joker bank mask and a bloody finger print that said gotham needs a better class of criminal.

im pretty sure this is the company that did the NIN album campaign- fuuuuck.

That company Sudjam did the NIN campaign.

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